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Fall 2011

Here are some selected images from an independent project I undertook this fall at my college.  The work is an attempt to visualise the state between the physical and the spiritual; life and the afterlife; manifestation and non-being.  I approached this project with the desire to use as little digital manipulation as possible; so, towards that goal all of the images were produced in-camera with a combination of techniques including long-exposure, multiple exposure, and practical trickery.  The only major digital editing that took place was the addition of colour in the “Manifestation” series.

The still images were also produced in conjunction with audio elements and video installations.  A portion of this project was shown with the work of two other artists under the name Abstraction at the Red Panty Press Gallery in Sarasota, Florida on December 7th, 2011.


More Hybrid People


November 2011

Continuing an earlier project I posted here, this is the result of the second wave.  I shot a dozen or so of my friends and then set out to create entirely new people by combining their features in Photoshop.  Each of these portraits is a composite of between three and five different people.  My goal was to turn this project into a self-published book, but my interest in the content slowly tapered off until I decided to leave the project as it was.


Untitled Open 4×5 Project

April 2011

Using a 4×5 View Camera, I created a series of double exposures relating to domesticity and my relationship with my permanent home outside of college.

Afternoon Experiment

Soul Window

March 2011

This is just some fun stuff I put together this afternoon.  Macro photography of a friends eye and two crystals combined into a triptych.

Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents

February 2011


Personal project.  Experimenting with using quartz crystals as lens filters.

Fairy Tale Composites

Fairy Tale Postcards

copyright-free scanned material, digital collage

January 2011


This was a course project with the goal of creating “postcard” images representing fairy tales.  Only scanned material could be used.  I decided to create a set of formal iconic images representing each story using old illustrator’s sourcebooks from the library.


Knowledge I – V

Acetone Transfer, Ink, Acrylic

January 2011

The image of Baphomet was bastardized by the Christians to be a personification of the devil.  However, the pagan symbols from which the deity was derived make the figure a granter of wisdom and the embodiment of balance in the human and spirit worlds.

Lycanthropy Mixed Media Series

Lycanthropy I – V

Acetone Transfer, Ink, Acrylic on Blotter Paper

January 6th-8th, 2011