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Winter Windows

Untitled Project

December 2011

Just some personal shooting.  I’ve been fascinated with shooting into buildings through their windows at night lately.  Interesting ideas there…


Nocturnal Storefronts

Nocturnal Storefronts

November 2011

Just a small series I made for an assignment.  I like to wander Sarasota a lot a night, and one of the things that interests me visually is the multitude of darkened storefronts you find.  The little vignettes of consumer landscapes, once darkened and abandoned, seem to take on a life of their own and describe a different atmosphere than what is intended.  These images were shot through the windows of stores in St. Armand’s Circle at about 2 in the morning.  They were completed with a bit of HDR and some experimentation with black and white.  I definitely plan on continuing this body of work in the near future.


Myakkahatchee I-III

July 2011

This is a short series of fine-art images taken for the Sarasota County Department of Water Resources.  I spent the summer interning for the department making images for promotional, documentary, inter-departmental, and research purposes.  These particular images were taken of the Myakkahatchee blackwater creek in North Port, Florida.  As with my other landscape work, I try to show the otherworldly beauty of nature and evoke an atmosphere of the spiritual.

Microcosms: Landscapes of Decay


April 2011

Photographic Composites

Nature and neglect transform automobiles into landscapes of decay; resembling foreign topographies as seen from the air.


Untitled Open 4×5 Project

April 2011

Using a 4×5 View Camera, I created a series of double exposures relating to domesticity and my relationship with my permanent home outside of college.

The Shaman Returns

Untitled Shamans

February 2011

Just some additional coursework I’ve done recently involving compositing my model into other environments.  The makeup and costume on this one was pretty fun; although I think only one of the images (Shaman No1) really accomplishes what I was going for.  I will have to expand on this series in my personal time at a later date…

Two Stand-Alones

January 2011


Nocturnes I-IV

Nocturnes I-IV

January 2011