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More Hybrid People


November 2011

Continuing an earlier project I posted here, this is the result of the second wave.  I shot a dozen or so of my friends and then set out to create entirely new people by combining their features in Photoshop.  Each of these portraits is a composite of between three and five different people.  My goal was to turn this project into a self-published book, but my interest in the content slowly tapered off until I decided to leave the project as it was.


James is dead!


October 2011

Standalone portrait of a friend.



October 2011

I had to do a project that somehow commented on stereotypes; so, naturally I decided to completely turn the concept around and create a sort of anti-stereotype.  I photographed a diverse selection of my friends and created composite portraits of people who would defy the typical categorizations of race, gender, sexual preference, etc.  To me, this project is a metaphor for the age of globalism and multiculturalism we’re all living in.  I plan on expanding this idea into a self-published book later this month.

Suburban Ritual


October 2011

A “constructed narrative” project.  The neighbors have some strange hobbies…

Self-Portraits: The Other Walks

The Other Walks

September 2011

With this series of self-portraits, I explored the concept of the doppelganger: a ghostly double that appears as an omen of death or misfortune.  I see the doppelganger as a corruption of identity, a specter who takes on one’s image as a reminder of his/her own mortality.  In this way, this “other” becomes both a reflection and an avatar for the unseen forces that govern our lives.  I removed my face from the images and replaced it with randomized elements from the environment – destroying the main identity of the character and creating a blank slate onto which more intangible ideas are projected.  So, which character is the self and which is the imposter – and is there a clear line between the two?

View Camera + Fujiroid Fun

Fujiroid View Camera Portraits

March 2011

I had some extra instant film left over for an assignment, so I took some portraits of friends to burn through it.  Personal stuff, just for fun and to help me learn the view camera.

The Shaman Returns

Untitled Shamans

February 2011

Just some additional coursework I’ve done recently involving compositing my model into other environments.  The makeup and costume on this one was pretty fun; although I think only one of the images (Shaman No1) really accomplishes what I was going for.  I will have to expand on this series in my personal time at a later date…

UPDATE: Faux Tintypes (Actual Scans)

Seance Series: Faux Tintypes

March 2010

As discussed in a previous post, these are the dusty scans of the final result of my faux tintype project.  These were made by making the images with a flatbed scanner, then printing them as digital negatives, then printing the negs on matte-black painted metal sheet coated with AG Plus emulsion.  *catches breath*

The variation in colour is due to fluctuations in emulsion temperature when the plates were coated/drying.

The images are inspired by spirit photography and the tradition of the seance.