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Fall 2011

Here are some selected images from an independent project I undertook this fall at my college.  The work is an attempt to visualise the state between the physical and the spiritual; life and the afterlife; manifestation and non-being.  I approached this project with the desire to use as little digital manipulation as possible; so, towards that goal all of the images were produced in-camera with a combination of techniques including long-exposure, multiple exposure, and practical trickery.  The only major digital editing that took place was the addition of colour in the “Manifestation” series.

The still images were also produced in conjunction with audio elements and video installations.  A portion of this project was shown with the work of two other artists under the name Abstraction at the Red Panty Press Gallery in Sarasota, Florida on December 7th, 2011.


Self-Portraits: The Other Walks

The Other Walks

September 2011

With this series of self-portraits, I explored the concept of the doppelganger: a ghostly double that appears as an omen of death or misfortune.  I see the doppelganger as a corruption of identity, a specter who takes on one’s image as a reminder of his/her own mortality.  In this way, this “other” becomes both a reflection and an avatar for the unseen forces that govern our lives.  I removed my face from the images and replaced it with randomized elements from the environment – destroying the main identity of the character and creating a blank slate onto which more intangible ideas are projected.  So, which character is the self and which is the imposter – and is there a clear line between the two?

One Day in Sarasota: Alleys

One Day in Sarasota : Alleys

August 29th, 2011

This is my contribution to a recent project called One Day in Sarasota, which involved all of the other photo students in my year.  The idea behind the project was to shoot a subject of our choice, somewhere in Sarasota, Florida on August 29th, 2011.  The end result is a series of diptychs that feature small, meditative glimpses of some of the city’s hidden facades.


Myakkahatchee I-III

July 2011

This is a short series of fine-art images taken for the Sarasota County Department of Water Resources.  I spent the summer interning for the department making images for promotional, documentary, inter-departmental, and research purposes.  These particular images were taken of the Myakkahatchee blackwater creek in North Port, Florida.  As with my other landscape work, I try to show the otherworldly beauty of nature and evoke an atmosphere of the spiritual.

Microcosms: Landscapes of Decay


April 2011

Photographic Composites

Nature and neglect transform automobiles into landscapes of decay; resembling foreign topographies as seen from the air.

Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents

February 2011


Personal project.  Experimenting with using quartz crystals as lens filters.

The Shaman Returns

Untitled Shamans

February 2011

Just some additional coursework I’ve done recently involving compositing my model into other environments.  The makeup and costume on this one was pretty fun; although I think only one of the images (Shaman No1) really accomplishes what I was going for.  I will have to expand on this series in my personal time at a later date…

Fairy Tale Composites

Fairy Tale Postcards

copyright-free scanned material, digital collage

January 2011


This was a course project with the goal of creating “postcard” images representing fairy tales.  Only scanned material could be used.  I decided to create a set of formal iconic images representing each story using old illustrator’s sourcebooks from the library.